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Idinma by Favour George ft. Kelvin King

Idinma by Favour George ft Kelvin King
Idinma by Favour George ft Kelvin King

Multiple award-winning Gospel music minister, Favour George releases a brand new song of gratitude titled “Idinma”, featuring Kelvin King.

Idinma” means You Are Good in Igbo, one of Nigeria’s major languages. It is a song of gratitude dedicated to God for His unending love, mercy and grace upon the life of Favour George. The song is born from a true life experience in the life of the gospel music minister. After winning the struggles of early life, Favour George finally found and built a new home with her husband, hoping and believing it was the start of a rosy life little did she know one of the biggest storms of her life would blow her way.

For years the minister battled with childlessness, and challenges that come with it in contemporary African society. She had followed through every medical directives but children weren’t forthcoming. However, the minister had an encounter with the Almighty when it seemed all hope was lost. On one of hospital reports, she was told she had no womb and would be unable to bear children; but she went on her knees and called on Jesus, today she’s a proud mother of three beautiful children. This experience gave birth to the song “Idinma”. Favour George is a gospel artist that is not complacent about the gospel. She has demonstrated passion for the kingdom and expressed this deal in the quality of music she gives. “Idinma” is a song to be sung by anyone who is appreciative of the Lord’s goodness.


Favour George Idinma Lyrics

Verse 1

Let me tell you a quick story

What my saviour did for me

My life was all in shambles

And being childless didn’t help

Been childless didn’t work

I was sick and went for check up

They said I had a stone

But God gave me my baby

And now I am a mom


Idinma o (3x)

Idinma (3x)

Verse 2

Life, cannot be predicted

Even though you had your plan

Your plans what plans

That is why we need the author

The one who knows it all

You need to know He loves you

And wants to show you too

And if He did it for me

He will do the same for you

That’s why we say


Idinma o (2x)

Idinma e

Idinma (3x)

Omere muma Odumogbo juda Omere muma (2x)

Your goodness and mercy

Follows me

And my life is in your hands

Your loving kindness

Covers me

Under the shadow of your wings

Idinma o (3x)

Idinma (3x)

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