Home News In Her Journey, Celestial Church of Christ Is Also Sola Allyson’s Home

In Her Journey, Celestial Church of Christ Is Also Sola Allyson’s Home

In Her Journey, Celestial Church of Christ Is Also Sola Allyson's Home
In Her Journey Celestial Church of Christ Is Also Sola Allyson’s Home

The Nigerian talented songstress and worship leader, Sola Allyson elaborate on how she was nurtured and grounded in the Celestial Church of Christ, in the journey of her life. She further added the CCC is also her home. Checkout her full story below:

“So, I visited home, again!!
It was such a JOY in my soul to visit home!!!
In my journey, I have MANY HOMES where I was pruned and cultivated before I matured into this Woman and Minstrel I am today.
And I am still becoming…🙌

This home, in all of the homes, is special to me!!!
Ha, my experiences in this home??! Major times of my “little beginnings”. Azzin, MAJOR!
The lessons. The sowings. Iṣẹ́ Olúwa which I didn’t know was preparing me ready…!

The Celestial Church of Christ, where I was taught further and got unchanging conviction that it’s about WORSHIP OF THE ALMIGHTY ONLY. And it helps me till today! How will I be puffed up? Like, how?

Home, where the foundation that had been founded in previous homes was SIGNIFICANTLY built upon!
Home, where I was able to grasp what my destiny looked like and I took the plunge!
Home, where I was able to express my natural gifting, unjudged, uncondemned!

Haa, my soul was happy like a child’s and I cried in joyyyyy as I worshipped again at home! Joy like a river in my soul flowed forth as tears in my eyes! I had NO control!!

Home where destiny was shaped for me! Home where my eyes were open and I already had a glimpse of the road I presently tread!
I saw “all this” from home in decades past…!!
No matter where destiny and purpose guides me, I will always visit home, and my soul will always be excited!

And everywhere that has been home for me after then, I have come to know that souls and hearts which desire to align with GOD’s Will are the same! Worship is worship as long as it is in spirit and truth! We only just express it differently based on how deeper we dig and clearer we see!

I am grateful and always thankful to ỌLỌ́RUN ìrìn àjò mi, The GOD of my journey, for guiding me to find this home. I will always be grateful!

As I go on in my sojourn on earth, being granted the privilege of having homes I need in every phase, I will always, in purity, do the bidding of HE, The GOD over all, in every shade and state. And souls will, by themselves, through me, see HIS Light and stay on HIS Side!

My within will always soar, my soul will always bubble, like a child’s, everytime I visit home.”


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