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How To Join EeZee Conceptz

How To Join EeZee Conceptz
How To Join EeZee Conceptz

How to Join EeZee Conceptz
Looking to join a successful Gospel record label in Nigerian is one of the goal of an average Gospel Music Ministers. That’s why EeZee Conceptz and other record labels came into existence.

To be signed as an artiste into any Record Labels in Nigeria, there are some qualities you need to possess as an artiste or minister. Some of them are:

  1. Enough Fan base
  2. Concert and Touring history
  3. Branding
  4. Music Quality
  5. Strong Local Presence
  6. Performing Skills
  7. Business Minded
    Once you have at least five of these qualities, you are probably the next artiste a good record label will be looking forward to sign.

EeZee Conceptz is owned by EeZee Tee and the Record Label came into existence 3 years ago, they are one of the top-notch registered Gospel Record Labels in Nigeria. EeZee Conceptz is a Lagos Based music label with wonderful artists including Mercy Chinwo, GUC, Judikay, Chidinma and others.

EeZee Conceptz Contact:
Perhaps you want to reach out to EeZee Conceptz on how to join them, see their contact details below:

Website: eezeeConceptz.org
Address: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Phone: +234 706 965 0707
Email Address: [email protected]
You can also follow them on Social Media for their latest updates: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube – EeZeeConceptz

How to Submit your song to EeZee Conceptz Radio
Here’s the good news, you can submit your song for airplay on EeZee Conceptz Radio for free. No charges attached. By the way, there are some requirements you must meet before your song can be accepted for airplay on EeZee Conceptz Radio.

To see details on their requirements, Terms of Agreement and also submit your song for airplay, click here: EeZee Conceptz Radio Submission
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